Suggestion Box

Suggestions & Questions for the LCTA Leadership

This suggestion/question box is open to all players in the LCTA.   Your suggestions/questions will go directly to the LCTA President/Local League Coordinator, Steve Wilson.  He will compile the suggestions/questions for LCTA consideration and possible implementation and provide feedback and/or possible resolutions which will be posted on the LCTA webpage.  Every suggestion or question is important, so please let us know what is on your mind.  Consider this the “who what when where why and how” place. The suggestion box is not to be used as forum for discussion of personal issues about other players or teams, nor to debate issues which have been previously discussed and/or decided by the LCTA administration.  It is simply set up to obtain good ideas and/or suggestions in order to make the LCTA work best for the benefit of all of its membership. 

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