Q:  How do I locate the Captain's Report (or a captain's telephone number) in TennisLink?

A:  Log on to TennisLink using your USTA number. Go to your team page.  In the upper right hand corner is the name
of your flight and/or subflight, if applicable. Click on the flight name (or subflight, if shown) and on the next page, click on Team Captain's Report. 

Q:  I'm a Captain and have lost my team number.  How o I find it?

A:  Log on to TennisLink using your USTA number. Go to your team page.  Select the "Player Roster" tab beside Team
Summary.  The team number is next to your team name.
Q:  Does the LCTA have a cold (or hot) weather rule?

A:  No, there is not a set rule regarding simply cold or hot weather.  Our regulations allow the home team captain, as the final arbiter with or without the visiting captain’s consent, to make the final decision as to whether the match will be played or postponed based upon their assessment of inclement weather conditions, which is defined as weather that is unpleasantly or dangerously cold, hot and/or wet / other, at match time.  Obviously, if the home team facility determines that inclement weather conditions preclude use of their courts for safety/court and/or liability issues, then the match will necessarily be postponed to a later date.

Q: How many below-level players may I have on my team?

A:  Adult teams are limited to four below-level players on their roster.  Adult 2.5 and Adult 5.0 teams, are limited to three below-level players on their roster.  Senior teams (55+, 65+, 75+ etc.) may have an unlimited number of below-level players on a team. 

In exceptional circumstances, additional below-level players may be allowed on a team.  Captains seeking such Waiver Requests should complete the Waiver Request for Playing Up Form.

 Q: How is the Coman tiebreak played?

A:  This is a link to the Coman tiebreak procedure.

Q: When should match scores be reported and which captain should report them ?

A:  Match scores must be entered into the TennisLink system within 48 hours after the completion of the match.  The winning captain should enter the match scores, although either captain has the capability to do so. 

Q: What is the rule regarding the timing of makeup matches?

A:  Within 48 hours of a match postponement, a makeup date should be scheduled and the league coordinator
notified.  The date of the makeup match must be within 2 weeks of the original match date.  If captains are unable to agree to a makeup match date, our regulations state that the match will the scheduled for the first following Saturday at 2 pm.

Q:  I have a question about tennis rules.  Where can I find an answer?

A:  Our local league program is covered by National, Sectional, State and Local regulations, in addition to The Code.  Links to all of these may be found on our menu.  If you are unable to find an answer to your rule questions, please direct your inquiry to your Level Coordinator.

Q:  I am a 3.0-rated player.  Can I play on a 4.0 team?

A:  No, you can only play one level above your current rating.

Q:   Who Can Call a LET   Scenario:  You see a ball rolling onto an adjacent court to a spot behind a player.  You fear the player may step or trip on the ball and sustain an injury? Can you call a “let” to stop play on that court?

A: NO.  Only an official or a player on the affected court may call a let.  A player may call a let only on the player’s court.