The Latest News: Change in LCTA Party Date!!!

The LCTA Party at will be at Family Circle – Saturday, October 10, 2015 - 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Mark your calendar!

18+ 4.5 Players; check your league page for changes in days and times of play.

Fall League registration ends September 13 for 18 & over (8 players), 39 & over (8 players), 54 & over leagues.  The minimum number of players required for a team is (6 players) 

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The LCTA Bylaws mandate an Adult League Tennis Local League Committee in accordance with the following:
5.5 Committees 
(b) Adult League Tennis Local League Committee. The Board shall appoint, with the concurrence of the USTA South Carolina Director of Leagues, the Adult League Tennis Local Leaguer, who is responsible to administer, manage, and implement the LCTA’s Adult Tennis Local League Program, and to formulate, distribute, and interpret the Lowcountry Tennis Association Local League Regulations. The LCTA Adult Tennis Local League Coordinator has the sole authority to appoint and remove members of the Adult League Tennis Local League Committee.

The following are appointed to and have accepted their appointment to the Adult League Tennis Local League Committee:
Stephen Wilson - Adult League Tennis Local League Coordinator
Members - Steve Speer, Charly Vaughn, Jim Royce, Judi Filinger, Nancy Pitcairn, Jacqi Hubbard

New to the Lowcountry? Just getting back into the game?  Looking for a team??  Players may sign up for a team at any time during the season.  Please contact Charlotte Gerber, charlotte if you need assistance finding a team.