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How Standings are Determined 

Captains and Players – A number you have asked how the final standings will be determined. The published rule from our web site is shown below. 
2.01H(2) Team Match and Scoring.
(c) Flight standings at the end of the regular season shall be in the order of the number of team points won, i.e., the winner of the flight competition shall be the team with the most team points at the end of the season, etc. 

2.01H(2) Team Match and Scoring.  contd.....
In the event that two or more teams in a flight have the same number of team points at the end of the season, the tie shall be broken in the following manner:
(i) Winner of the most individual matches during the season.
(ii) Loser of the fewest number of sets during the season.
(iii) Loser of the fewest number of games during the season.
(iv) Winner of head-to-head competition between the two teams who are tied.
(d) During play-off round robins, the positions of the teams at the end of the round robin shall be determined in the same manner as during flight competition except that only matches played during the playoff round robin will be used to determine team points, individual matches won, sets lost and games lost.

Purpose of our League

~~LCTA Webpage Visitors – Thank you for checking our LCTA page. I recently became Local League Coordinator. So far it has been interesting and enjoyable. We have a huge number of great people that make LCTA the 2nd largest (Atlanta is bigger) in Southern Section and BEST Local League in the Best Tennis Town in America. However, I have been made aware of a few instances that could be considered poor sportsmanship. For that reason, I posted the mission of LCTA below. Our purpose is recreational. Treat the other teams the way you want to be treated. Show up on time. Play your matches. Have fun. I want to specifically address team defaults (a default of 3 or more individual matches). From LCTA rules – “By joining the Lowcountry Tennis Association, a team is making a commitment to play every match.” Captains and players - work together; play all your matches. It is unfair to others (also not good sportsmanship) to forfeit matches. The weather has made it difficult but, keep working to play all your matches. 

​OUR MISSION The primary purpose of LCTA is recreational. LCTA is also designed to promote interest in the game of tennis, support the USTA League in the Charleston area, and maintain the rules of play and high standards of sportsmanship. Our web page is: http://www.lctatennis.org/ The mission, diversity statement, and Board Members are located in the home tab / about us. Thank you for being a LCTA reader, tennis player and good sport –

Steve Wilson Steve Wilson
(843) 296-2846 Cell.

~~LCTA Happenings:

This has been an active week for tennis in the Lowcountry. Congratulations to Joe Frick and his 75+, 3.5+, All-Star team. The team is comprised of player from clubs around the area. They will represent LCTA at the State Championships in Hilton Head. Congratulations also to several Men’s and Women’s 55+ that are involved in Flight playoffs this weekend to represent LCTA in Hilton Head. Hilton Head dates for both groups are May 1-5. LCTA has received two Community Growth and Participation Grants that total $15,298.51. These funds are used in a variety of programs to provide playing opportunities, encourage tennis growth / participation, and further develop tennis. Because of YOUR participation, these grants were awarded. The LCTA Board oversees the distribution of the funds. Steve Speer represented LCTA and the tennis community at the Town of Mt. Pleasant Town Hall meeting March 26, 2014. He did a great job presenting our issues. Meg Farrelly, Susan Mock, and Steve Wilson met with Graham Cox, Executive Director of USTA-SC and representatives of Lowcountry Youth Tennis Association (LYTA) March 27, 2014 to discuss ways LCTA can assist the Youth organization (our future members). Mixed registration is open; Family Circle is starting; Playoffs are happening. What an exciting time for tennis in the Lowcountry!!

10 & Under Tournament

LYTA (Lowcountry Youth Tennis Association) will have a half day 10 and under tournament for our after-schools program at FCC Saturday, April 26. READ ALL ABOUT IT--->


Starts May 3, 2014READ ALL ABOUT IT--->

Playoff Information for:  visit the links below